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Quick Info

PT. Bukit Pembangkit Innovative (PT. BPI) is an independent power producer company (IPP) founded to help end the energy crisis in Indonesia. PT. BPI's vision aligns with the vision of PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PT. PLN), which is known as the "75-100 Vision." In "75-100 Vision," PT. PLN aims to fulfill 100 percent of the country's electricity needs as Indonesia celebrates its 75th independence day in 2020. Having a similar vision, PT. BPI has close ties with PT. PLN.

Currently, PT. BPI is in the middle of its first coal power plant construction. This power plant is located in Lahat, South Sumatera. This power plant has a capacity of 2x110 MW. After its COD (planned to be in 2014), this power plant will provide electricity for PT. PLN to pave they way for the "75-100 Vision."

The construction of the power plant (called PLTU Banjarsari) will hopefully be finished in the middle of 2014, or at the latest in early 2015. The end of this construction will become a monumental moment for PT. BPI, and will be the biggest milestone to date for PT. BPI and its partners. With the commercialization of its power plant just ahead of us, PT. BPI can finally reap the results of its hard work.

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