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Power Plant

Currently, PT. Bukit Pembangkit Innovative (PT. BPI) is in the process of constructing its first power plant called PLTU Banjarsari. The construction is planned to be finished between the year of 2014 and 2015, and afterwards we can commercialize our power production and provide our electricity to PT. PLN.


South Sumatera is well-known for its old, majestic kingdom named Sriwijaya. One main reason that the kingdom grew so large was that the land where Sriwijaya was located was blessed with abundant natural resources. South Sumatera has fertile lands, oil, gas, coals, and a lot more. It's no surprise that in 2004, the Indonesian President claimed South Sumatera as the national energy storage.

Based on this consideration, PT. Bukit Pembangkit Innovative (PT. BPI) decided to construct its first power plant in South Sumatera so that access to fuel energy will not take a long time, and will not take a long distance. This 2x110 MW power plant takes a place in between two villages, which are Sirah Pulau village and Gunung Kembang village. These villages are located in East Merapi district, Lahat regency, South Sumatera province. This location is roughly 200 km from Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatera.

Occupying a land that is roughly 50 hectare in size, 67 meters above the sea level, distance of only about 600 meters from Lematang river, and surrounded by timber forest; all of these bring serenity to the power plant atmosphere and to the places around it. This gives off a very relaxing and refreshing feel, and a very peaceful atmosphere.

Besides providing us with beautiful views, this strategic location also helps optimizing the power plant activities. The short distance from the coal mine (about 4 km) makes supplying coals for the power plant relatively easy to do. Located right next to Lematang river also makes the process of getting water for the pwoer plant's cooling system much easier. This is very important since the cooling system of a power plant plays a huge role in the power plant's performance.

This exact location can be reached by using both public transportations or private ones. With private cars, the drive from Palembang to the power plant location can be completed in around six hours. There are a lot of trucks hauling coals, adding to the traffic surrounding the power plant. This route's condition is pretty good, except for a few pot holes here and there.

Fuel System

The fuel system used for the power plant PLTU Banjarsari are coals mined from the local coal mine. Because the fuel used by the power plant coming straight from mine's mouth, PLTU Banjarsari will also be known as PLTU Mulut Tambang (Mine Mouth Power Plant). The main fuel supply for PLTU Banjarsari will come from PT. Bukit Asam, whose mine is estimated to last for 30 years.

The coals used as the fuel for the power plant are low calorie coals, with calorie numbers rated between 4500 kcal/kg and 6000 kcal/kg.


PLTU Banjarsari has a capacity of 2x110 MW. Based on its agreement with PT. PLN, PT. BPI has an obligation of providing PT. PLN with 2x100 MW electricity. Due to this agreement, PT. BPI constructed a 2x110 MW power plant so that PT. BPI can fully provide the electricity demand by PT. PLN with a little bit of a leeway.


In 2012, PLTU Banjarsari entered its construction period and will hopefully start entering the operation period in 2014. The main contractor for the PLTU Banjarsari construction is China National Electric Engineering Co. Ltd. (CNEEC) from China, and supported by a team of consultants from Black and Veatch International (BVI) from America as the project supervisors. For the 150 kV transmission line, PT. BPI entrusts that project to a national contractor PT. Citacontrac, a contractor well-known for constructing transmission lines. This transmission construction is planned to finish in the beginning of 2013.

Power Plant Progress

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